How to create a project

Step 1

Projects Page

All your recent projects are listed on the "Projects" Page. Once on that page, you can create a project two ways. Either tap on the red "Add Project" button. Or, if this is the first time you are using Flowbit, and you have no projects, then click "Get Started".

Step 2

Project Details Editor

In the Project Details Editor, give your project a name by entering the information in the "Name" input field. It is highly recommended that you add a project cover image. This makes it easy for you and others to find your project. Adding other details is optional.

Step 3

Project Done

After you are done editing all the details of your project, tap "Done". That's it, you have created a project. You can go in to the project by tapping on it after it appears in the list of projects.

You learned how to create a project using flowbit

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This was last modified on March 18, 2015.