How to create a form

Step 1

Create a flow

Open a project you have created, and create a new flow, by tapping the "Add New Flow" button. See how to create a project if you haven't already.

Step 2

Create a Form

In the Flow Editor, tap the "Form Step". Scroll down until you see the newly added card step and then tap on that.

Step 3

Edit the Form

Add a label, by tapping the "Add Label" icon. Type in desired label -- for example "Your Name". Then add an input field by tapping the "Add Input" icon. Edit the hint for the user to read "Enter name on this line."

Step 4

Use the Form

Click the "Play" icon on the edit page to view the form. Enter your name in the box. Click the "Close" icon to exit or the "Edit" icon to return to the Flow Editor.

You learned how to create a form using Flowbit

Good Going!

This was last modified on March 18, 2015.